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05 November 2015


Wide pants have been taking it to the extremes for some time now - the wider, the better. Too bad, that probably no one has considered the fact, how dangerous a pair of trousers can be. As they say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer - it seems like in this case I keep my enemies as close as possible, because they basically sit around my butt and legs all day. Time for confession/secrets revealing/honesty: I FELL OVER IN THESE PANTS. There you go. They made me panic, than they made me laugh in my misery, while I was wiping coffee off my jumper in the middle of the street, with people passing by (some probably dying from laughter) and making sure this hilarious trip wasn't very harmful for my health. And reputation. I'm surprised, that people haven't issued any warnings about width of pants yet, because I know, that I'm not the only victim. I continue to wear them, pull them up and carry them around like a fancy evening dress. I won't let a pair of pants threaten my life, simply because they're the most comfortable thing after sweatpants. Title is misleading too - I will never abandon pants - they're one of the most important things feminism fought for.

Blazer - Weekday, jumper - H&M, shirt - Cheap Monday, killer pants - Zara

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