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05 October 2015


Seeing posts titled What's in my bag? made you yawn probably million times and you're not ready to go through images of five different foundations, three separate wallets, seven lipsticks, ten phones (everyone in a different cover) and other life-saving cosmetics - all kept in one bag, being essentials. Fear not - this one is about few things, that don't really make sense together, but they make my life easier/saved my life a dozen times.

Object A. - carabiner keyring

I guess, that we can all admit this: we hate looking for keys in our bags, especially when they're packed to the fullest and object of your desire (keys in that particular moment) lays at the very bottom. Fear not - carabiner is here to make your life easier. I know, I haven't invented a wheel here, but there are still so many people out there, who doesn't realise how convenient life with this keyring is, especially when you have your jeans on and belt loops are just waiting to be decorated with this one, making jingle sound every time you move. Also: thanks to & Other Stories for putting these small rings inside your bags, where carabiners fit perfectly. Life just got better.

Object B. - shoelace

The simples solution for too big bottoms - just carry a shoelace with you, or if you're in a crisis situation - take it out from your shoe and rock this one shoe laced look. It doesn't take as much space as a belt (who has this much space in their bags?), you can adjust it as much as you can, not mentioning how cheap it is. Doesn't want the belt to show from underneath your clothes - shoelace is the perfect answer. Want the belt to be part of the look? Just go for the regular belt, unless you don't mind this something is hanging around my crotch look.
Best lifesaver, which saves my almost every single day. All hail shoelace.

 Object C. - lip balm

Talking about Fall/Winter - we all hate chapped/dry lips, that makes you go nuts, especially when there is no lip saviour around. I accidentally have ended up with two same lip balms, so I usually carry one in the pocket of my bottoms and another one in the bag. This is obvious, but it has saved my life too many times, with one case in particular - no hand cream around and my knuckles being dry as Sahara itself - this little gem saved them from the winter's deadly cold arms, trying to steal my hands. With this one in particular (from Hurraw!), you could probably survive the most extreme situation and try eating it, since it's super duper natural. So many features, wow.

Object D. - baby wipes

One of my latest finds and my ultimate lifesaver in the critical stain situations. Baby wipes have never been so good, as when you stain your newest light blue jeans with coffee and they're there to wipe all the drama away. True story - they saved so many of the clothes I own, that they deserve an award. I hadn't thought about these little fellas in terms of stain removers, until I read it somewhere accidentally and there I was with my newest jumper, rubbing stain and all my worries away. Never tried them this way? Just pack them in your bag and let them stay for all the drama to come.

Bonus - look how happy shoelace belt can make you:

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