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26 July 2015


Let's talk fanny packs... No, wait let's talk word fanny - I swear it will be quick. In terms of words murdering my ears, fanny is probably the worst f word of all time, making me have convulsions and try to rip off my ears. Let's put it against other words for our beautiful female private parts: pussy - cool; vagina - very serious, but some things have to be this way; and tons of other, very suggestive or overloaded with cuteness words. Fanny should banned from every person's vocabulary and simply vanish from Earth. Forever. One day, someone made an effort of naming small bag worn on the hips, after the worst word in the Universe - and that's how fanny pack was born (actually born in Greece centuries earlier), having popularity peek in the 90's, when everyone was rocking their fanny pack. Fortunately, someone has been brave enough to try alternative terms, making people familiar with bum bag, waist bag, apparently even Koala in Australia etc. Bum bags are back, but they got more fancy - manufactured in leather, shaped differently, with minimalistic details, trying to erase our memories of the synthetic ones, with crazy prints from the 90's era; and for everyone's mental health, they're being named bum bags, not the f* bags. Just imagine for instance: Céline fanny pack - could anyone take it seriously?

Top - COS, dungarees - H&M, sandals - Birkenstock, bum bag/hip bag/waist bag/f* bag - Clare Vivier for &Other Stories

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