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25 May 2015


I remember, when back in the days heeled shoes used to be an obvious choice (with most time reserved for wedges) for almost everyday footwear, but as you've probably noticed - heels no more. Flat shoes just make everything easier and more comfortable (again - comfort over everything). I don't need to worry about not-being-able-to-walk-as-fast-as-usual, discomfort after 2, 4 or 6 hours after putting shoes on, bigger ability to meet with the ground and so many others - depending on the shoes. I simply got rid of most of the heeled shoes and when I decide to buy something heeled, it can't be more than 10cm.

These burgundy heels from & Other Stories are the same case scenario, because heel is just about the right height and I am still able to walk fast, not looking too ridiculous too handle. And it's the first time after at least a year, that I've been wearing heel higher than 3cm. The rest is simple, because someone has started realising at some point, that hey, it's so much better to invest money in long-lasting, always fashionable, basics - bravo to me. Just comfortable, more feminine than usual, set for Spring.

 Jacket - H&M, shirt, bag and heels - & Other Stories, shorts - belonged to my mum before

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