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13 July 2014


Together with every purchase comes paper bag (author avoids talking about online shopping, because we all do it and all love it). Together with a paper bag comes brand's name/logo printed on it. And according to what I've seen, together with that comes some kind of weird power and it makes people act strange.

This is all just based on my experience. Some people almost worship this piece of cellulose, that you get in a boutique, making it almost as valuable as items sold inside. How many times have you sen a woman carrying paper bag almost like a designer's piece? Just imagine entering the tube and there are two women - one with Tommy Hilfiger's paper bag, other one with Burberry's and these ripping, heavily destroyed bags, carry inside all of their precious belongings. One is taking a wallet out of it, second one is looking for a bottle of water and takes out her tiny cardigan and a brush. Almost like a cheap version of a designer handbag. True story, sis.

What's the whole idea behind this? Is it a reminiscence of the better times, when they were able to shop for a certain designer? Is it way of showing off in a weird way and saying: Hey, I have enough money on my account to shop at (enter favorite brand's/designer's name)!? While all the jealous people have no clue, that you carry all your necessary belongings inside. But why can't you just wear a piece that you got there - even if it's a scarf, and pair this with an ordinary high-street brand bag? If the case is desperate will to be an advertising space, just buy a piece with a hug logo crafted on it. Oh, wait - maybe that's it - maybe I have no clue that there is a secret scene of ladies carrying these paper bags for money? Maybe brands pay them, so they can promote designer everywhere they go. That would be a truly unique approach to advertising. Not mentioning that paper bags are quite powerful anyway - recently, my friend had had started feeling like an outsider, when she was one of the very few people, not carrying a shopping bag and that's when she felt a huge urge to step into one of the boutiques and spend some money. But sanity won - no impulsive shopping for clothes.

To be honest - it's probably the first case - Hey look, hey look, back in the days I was able to shop there. Everyone had better times of their lives, but not everyone is yelling it aloud to the whole world.

And that's how I should probably smoothly move to very intriguing subject - logos. But it's too interesting, so I am going to write another boring post about it. Fashion moaning.

Maybe I'm just wrong and it's a slowly growing trend? Maybe in some times we will drop our favorite bags to replace them with paper bags from our favorite brands. Just don't forget one thing - homeless people are the pioneers of this trend. And couple of others actually.

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  1. Ja tam czuje się świetnie z taką torbą, ale tylko wtedy kiedy właśnie coś kupiłem i wychodzę ze sklepu. Cała ta radość bierze się raczej z zawartości. ciężko mi skomentować to zjawisko, taka 'biedna próżność'