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29 April 2014

I subconsciously have a fetish because of my job

Latex. What was your first thought? Probably something kinky, maybe an interior of a sex shop filled with dildos and weirdly looking fake sex organs. Maybe BDSM. Or maybe you just heard about Claire Yurika Davis before - woman, who is taking latex out of the dark corners of most minds. Working part-time in London for a latex company, spending rest of the time designing for her own label - Hanger.
She puts this quite rarely used material, together with organic cotton and other fabrics, making pieces that you simply want to put on straight away. Who would think that transparent latex can look so delicate and subtle, that it doesn't make you think about kinky stuff, but about completely opposite. These are just beautiful, wearable pieces, that are definitely not meant to stay in your bedroom.
Daaaaamn, girl, I want to wear some latex.

Title is a quote by Claire Yurika Davis, taken from an article in Dazed and Confused.

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  1. this looks really good! Would love to wear those kinda pieces as well.
    All white = the best this year!

    xx Rebekah of >>>Flirting with Fashion Blog<<<