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05 February 2014

And from the black and white, there was gray

It was one of these days, when your outfit is matching the weather outside, but certainly not the mood, because gray is pure happiness and joy for me. Maybe because gray means comfort and comfort is bringing this pure emotion of satisfaction and joy. I was hiding in the oversized shirt and fluffy coat (seen here before) paired together with old and destroyed pieces, which I love to wear, because guess what... they are comfortable too. Probably I'm becoming an old lady, because I'm talking about comfort all the time and fashion for a lot of people is struggling everyday with high heels and really tiny pieces, right? Maybe I'm not that fashionable at the end? Nah, it's just laziness. And elderliness.

Oh, and dear Blogger, I don't know what's wrong with you, but you're messing with the quality of my pictures for a long time and I've tried everything to make them look better, but nothing worked. Middle finger for you. Pictures in better resolution can be found here.

Crazy cat lady coat - H&M Trend, oversized shirt - COS, old ripped jeans, sneakers - Vans, jewelry - H&M, Topshop


  1. ten płaszcz - w każdej stylizacji co raz bardziej <3 !!!
    wygoda? wygodna przede wszystkim!
    od zawsze łaczyłam np sportowe obuwie z bardziej formalną góra, kiedyś dziwiło - dziś sie na topie ;)
    a u Ciebie wszystko z lekka nonszalacją - podoba mi sie!

  2. Karnawał karnawałem, ale teraz wyglądasz świetnie.