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24 January 2014

PREparations for Fall 2014.

Couture shows are here, Fall/Winter 2014 shows will be here soon, so I guess it's the high time to check what's going on with the Pre-Fall collections and I've got to tell You, that this is my subjective list (and I'm not an expert, duh), so bear that in mind in case You wouldn't agree with my taste/opinion (even though I don't really care about Yours). Peace!

1. Acne Studios

Masters of jackets and coats can still keep their title, because again they created outerwear, which is perfectly tailored and kept in the simple manner - jacket masterpiece alert: I'm in terrible need of that puffy jacket with white sleeves. And I am really happy with the fact, that they kept all the prints to minimum (not visible below, sorrey), because a lot of other designers went crazy with colorful patterns, ugh. But still - this collection is nothing to be super crazy about. Just proper Acne collection - sorry, otherwaythinkers.

2. Alexander Wang

First of all: ultra high boots - I'd wrap my legs in these right now, because they seem to be perfect solution when you don't want to freeze your legs off, but show a little bit of skin + what shoes can be more feminine when it's cold outside, huh? Despite the boots, most of the collection seems to be rather androgynous/masculine - with tailored pieces and oversized jackets. Wide pants will be still in - the wider, the better.

3. Calvin Klein Collection

This is one of the collections, which I almost entirely don't like, because of the knitwear style, which reminds me of kitschy jumpers/cardigans found in the second shops, which aren't wanted by anyone. Brrrr. But there's completely different story with these dresses - long, loose, gray and seeming to be truly comfy and that's my favorite combination. Even though I'd rather wear them in spring and summer.

4. Carven

Oversized, massive tops going together with shorts and skirts and messing with proportions. And who doesn't like idea of wave print? Fluffy orange jacket for me, please!

5. Cedric Charlier

Mr. Charlier started working on his own not so long ago, but working for Celine and Lanvin for a long time made him one damn talented designer. I love combination of long skirts/dresses mixed together with huge coats, mixing bold colors with dark ones. But biggest hi five for this collection is for juxtaposing orange with cobalt blue and for the black jumpsuit!

6. Chalayan

I love Hussein Chalayan, because his tailoring is exceptional - he's always playing with the form while using basic colors with small doses of something more colorful than black and white. We got boxy, oversized silhouettes and the fitted, really feminine ones - something for everyone. 

7. Helmut Lang

Love, love, love - that's the easiest way I can express my feelings about these pieces. First of all everything is black and white - love no. 1. Second of all - layers; Lang used different fabrics and different cuts, so even white on white with white looks exciting - love no. 2. And the last thing - shoes; I'm in love of the idea of slippers (because what can be more comfortable?), but I'm truly sick of Birkenstocks etc., so here is my salvation - beautiful shoes converted to slippers - love no. 3.

8. J. W. Anderson

J. W. Anderson is keeping high level of craft through many seasons and this collection is another proof of his incredible talent. Playing with oversize by running with scissors and giving pieces interesting cuts. These pieces seem to be the most warm, comfortable, but yet elegant things, that you can wrap yourself into during winter. And turtleneck still has its 15 minutes of fame.

9. Maison Martin Margiela

I simply love the idea of straps everywhere, because surprisingly they make the pieces look damn feminine - even when we're talking only about the straps on the arms in that jumpsuit. Slouchy, comfortable pieces are transformed into really sexy things - gray jumper is my favorite, because open back is the open back - the most attractive naked part of the body. Even simple, black puffy jacket looks damn good. Want to wrap myself into Margiela's pieces right now.

10. Opening Ceremony

It's again mostly about jackets/coats. Especially when it comes to this orange, leather beauty - I wasn't a huge fan of orangish pieces, but now I find orange one of the best colors to brighten up the black/white/gray set. And these vests - simple, but beautiful, covering almost every other piece, just giving you a hint of what can be hidden underneath.

11. Rag & Bone

I know that term sporty elegance sounds boring nowadays, but I guess these are the best words to describe this collection. Slightly tomboyish with some really feminine pieces. Setting jogger pants with blazers, loose shorts with tight tops, when You wanna look feminine and feel comfortable - go for it.
But my biggest crush are shoes - mix of heels and sneakers. SO GOOD.

12. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney decided to put the face print on many pieces from the collection - and I'm not a fan of this print, but the rest of the collection is typical for her - perfect balance between feminine and masculine pieces. Putting dogtooth print aside and using keffiyeh print instead - someone give me that enormous coat. 

13. T by Alexander Wang

I'm not sure, if I don't like this collection better than the regular Alexander Wang one - especially when it comes to pants - they are getting wider, looser and longer and more comfortable.

And some single silhouettes/pieces:

- Dior

Because creating such a beautiful coat out of classical bomber jacket is just amazing. I'm in for one!

- Thakoon Addition

Because I'm a psycho fan of oversized tops and these shoes, which look like strongly inspired by Japan. Bingo.

- Theory

Because this silhouette is just good - black and slouchy.

- Chloe

Because when I don't really care and wanna feel comfortable, I want to put pieces like these on.



  1. im so happy. we have the same faves! plus the gif is quite amusing! very fresh