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06 January 2014

(Out of my) comfort zone.

There is only one explanation for my absence: work. And I bet You were all waiting to read that I was involved in some exciting time-consuming and world saving activity. But I am back and here is time for all the woohoos and boos.
I am back in the comfortable edition - baggy pants, oversized knit, Vans sneakers and my immortal biker jacket. Nothing new there, because when you have a day off, you simply want to die in your bed. Or just hang around in the comfortable clothes. Oh, wait... there are actually two new things, which I won in Jayne Min's Instagram contest and free is good, right? Especially when it is a beautiful, minimalistic jewelry. All heil the talented queen (and Jennifer Fisher Jewelry!).
And a few words about pants: I was a psycho fan of super ultra skinny jeans, but I'm giving a try something contrary to tight pants - the widest pants ever. Feeling comfortable, but staying kinda out of my comfort zone. Looking like a 90's gangsta, what you can observe in one of the pictures. Peace.

PS. Blogger messed up with the pictures' quality and I've tried everything to change that, but nothing worked, blah. S o r r y.

White biker jacket - Cubus, jumper - COS, jeans too wide to handle - Cheap Monday, sneakers - Vans, bag - & Other Stories, jewelry - Jennifer Fisher x Stop It Right Now


  1. bardzo dobra torebka! i zazdroszczę wszystkim, którzy są w stanie wytrzymać z odkrytą nogą w zimie, moja noga jak tylko podwiną mi się spodnie robi się od razu fioletowa i gotowa do odpadnięcia :<

  2. spodnie+buty + biżu + Twoja twarz - idealnie!