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11 January 2014

Effortlessly cool

Do You sometimes think, that You'd like to be one of these ladies, who don't have to care (especially in the morning) at all? One of these, who after waking up, jump into some random clothes, don't even have to care about their hair and they leave home without make up and all these boring morning activities? I DO. Even though I'm not spending much time on covering my facial imperfections (confession one: I really don't like putting make up on, but I have to) and I'm spending even less time on picking clothes (confession two: moving abroad can really shrink your closet, which is an amazing feeling - more about this soon). And I don't care that much, but I'm still loosing too much time on unimportant stuff. But I personally appreciate the fact, that there are some girls, who don't care at all. And don't bullshit me, that behind most of them there are tons of stylists, make-up artists etc. Here are my favorites (with skipping some ladies, that I know personally).

1. Number one of the number ones - Ira Chernova

I remember that I saw her for the first time couple of years ago during tattoo convention in Warsaw, thought Who's that girl? (include humming Eve's song here) and fell in love with her. To get to know couple of years later that she is a pretty popular model and a photographer. This face, this hair and these tatts. Oh damn. She's one talented badass.

2. Freja Beha Erichsen

One of my favorite top models ever. Disappeared for some time, but luckily she's back and we can admire her beauty again. Messy hair, simple clothes and tiny tattoos here and there. Scandinavian minimalism with edge - even though I'm sick of the word edge referring to fashion. Maybe tomboy is more accurate.

3. Chloe Sevigny

Cool and weird in some way. One of my favorite, craziest actresses ever - bare naked platinum blonde in Korine's Gummo (covering nipples with black tape, hell yes) and badass she-male hitman in Hit&Miss. Beside that she's a fashion designer (but some of her projects are not my cup of tea), model and probably whoever she wants to be. Ladies and gentleman - Chloe Idontgiveafuck Sevigny.

3. Erin Wasson

When you look at her, the big word COOL comes to your mind. There's something hypnotizing in the way she looks at you from all these editorial pictures. Even the way she is walking on the catwalk is so self confident and kinda bad gal style. Wearing simple tee and a biker jacket still makes her look stunning and makes little girl say: Mommy, when I grow up, I wanna be like her. Even older girls think the same. PS. You're even cooler, when Alexander Wang is Your good friend.

4. Alice Dellal

Being a model, but still staying punk - shaving half of her head off, getting new tattoos, wearing old Dr. Marten's boots, ripped tights and some old band tee while modeling for Chanel. Who said that you can't be yourself when you enter the fashion world? Bullshit. Of course you can be. Even though they say that punk is so fashionable right now. BLAH.

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  1. Bardzo fajnie się czyta twojego bloga, i śliczna jesteśś.. :)) Trafiłam na twojego bloga i na pewno nie wyjdę, bez zostawienia czegoś po sobie :d Może wzajemna obserwacja myślę, że to fajna sprawa, po prostu obserwuj, ja się na pewno odwdzięczę :D Jeszcze raz fajnie tu <33
    Zapraszam do mnie

  2. uwielbiam wszystkie, są cudne. i takie nonszalanckie! masz dobry gust :')