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09 December 2013

Words I love, words I hate

There are some words, which I truly adore and You probably have Your personal favorites too, so when You say them it brings you extra hoy. Or maybe I am the only weird one and (for example) pronunciation of the word pathetic makes me feel better and it's not only because of its meaning, duh. We all know that where there is something we truly like, on the other side there is something (or few somethings), what makes us loathe the world for its existence. I hate word must-have, which reminds me mostly of the ebay auctions, where people want to sell ugly crap from the 90s and seems to be one of the favorite words of fashion magazines sold in the newspaper section at Tesco. But what can I say, when I'm wearing one of the most popular pattern of this season? (Mostly) because of Stella McCartney people went crazy - I doubt there is a fashion editorial, in which pinstripes haven't appeared recently (or half a year ago, because fashion world is spinning so fast). 
So here I am, wearing my cheap version of this season MUST-HAVE. And feeling sick after using this word so many times in one post. 
Shapeless, oversized and comfortable, because comfort will be my no.1 must-have/trend foreva and eva.


Oversized coat and pinstripe pants - thrift shop, denim jacket - Monki, white tee - H&M, sneakers - Vans