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13 November 2013

in search of a perfect winter warmer.

Or to make it sound more simple - knit. When my mind comes up with an idea of finding the perfect one, the body has to realize it and so the story repeats few times in a year. This time it's all about the perfect jumper, because we all know that there is nothing better during the fall/winter time, than the chunky knit protecting your body from the evil weather. I'm craving for a warm knit, which is a little bit oversized, simple (no cable knits this time), high quality... and here goes my favorite criterion - the price. Of course I'm not looking for the most expensive one, duuuh. We all know that usually decent quality costs more, but it's worth trying every time. Been here, been there, tried this and that and still haven't found one, so I stopped by the YMC page today and look what they've got there... h e a v e n. Knitted one.
I want them ALL, even if the lime one is my favorite. I'm that greedy.

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