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27 August 2013

old macdonald had a farm...

...and on that farm he had a cow, which was turned into my shorts. and a horse, which was turned into my beloved cheap monday wedges. and vegan girl is writing this to you. but no more jokes.
when i saw cow print in givenchy pre-fall collection, first thought that crossed my mind was: 90's are back for good. and i wasn't that optimistic about cow comeback - 90's are my childhood times and everything from that period seems to be completely kitschy/spice girls style/neon/having enormously high platforms. and as many of the fashion ideas from that time coming back now can't be accepted by my brain, cow print is working. probably because it's combination of two best colors ever. and now we're back to the ah-mazing black&white trend (why was there someone to call it a trend, duh?).

don't ask questions. it happens when i laugh my ass off.

pictures by adam banaszek, edited by me

[jacket - cubus, tee - thrifted, shorts - zara, bag - ikea, wedges - cheap monday]


  1. pytanie, którego zapewne masz dość:
    u kogo/gdzie robiłaś tatuaż z dale'em cooperem? jest doskonały, a ja na punkcie twin peaks mam totalnego świra! sama, natomiast, rozglądam się za miejscem na mój kolejny tatuaż, stąd Cię dręczę :)

  2. You're perfect. You're my dream girlfriend.