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24 April 2013

w is for wood. and white.

i go from one extreme to another: from all black everything to almost all white party at p. diddy's. but what can i do about the fact, that they're my favorite? separately or as a combo. besides them being my personal faves, all the fancy magazines are writing about black&white trend - it sounds pretty ridiculous. they've always been here, dammit.
here's my sweatshirt in its whole entity, woohoo! soon we all will be melting in the summer sun, so it's probably one of the latest opportunities to show off in this creature of mine.
maybe i seem a little bit too elegant? here's my first world problem - i'm always somewhere between oversized ripped t-shirt and high heels matched with fancy pants. don't forget your roots or something like that. i'm getting older, so i should probably start looking more grown up.

this photoshoot was planned for some time - we were supposed to shoot at the botanical garden, with some huge palm trees and the rest of the tropical flora. but circumstances made us forget about the crazy, artistic vision of mine and we ended, where we ended.
big portion of portraits from me&marta to you. enjoy!

ps. i'm not the most serious person in the world (reminder: next to last picture in this post).

monkey face.

hobo style. so glamorous.

[sweatshirt - sewn by me, pants - monki, sandals - zara, bag - ikea, rings - glitter]

shot and edited by marta szewczyk!


  1. looove your piercings, fcking a w e s o m e *_*

  2. muszę zrobić sobie taką bluze! :D cudowna!

  3. yeess this look is so dope!! one of my favorites by you :)

  4. I think I'm in love with you, this is my fave outfit so far!! love your "fake Celine" sweater, it's perfect <3.