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22 March 2013

have you ever been in a shoe heaven?

the answer is probably yes. but visiting miista's office is kind of a different experience. shoes they create are pieces of art, not just regular, boring, high street label shoes.
when i went to london, visting the miista's headquarters was the first thing on my to do list. and there i was - standing between tons of boxes filled with shoes. with my jaw dropped. it's not surprising that they're doing so great, because whole team is a bunch of amazing, damn nice and creative people. and when they let you try on a lot of different styles, it's getting even better and you wanna hug everyone. what i did to tess, who was "taking care of me" and i'm damn sorry. but i guess that i'm getting overexcited sometimes. especially when the phrase i'm in a shoe heaven was the most frequently repeated by me. too bad that i couldn't meet laura, who is behind this craziness, but maybe next time. it's fascinating to see quite small brand growing up that fast, realizing more and more amazing ideas. i'm quite sad that i can't show you the shoes from the fall collection, but just want to let you know, that you should save some money and spend them on miista shoes this fall, because the upcoming models made my jaw drop even more. or go spend some money now on the amazing summer collection. little preview below.
how can people create something this good?

 place where magic happens.

 ever wondered who stands behind all the amazing patterns? here's the answer.

spice girls meet the 70's.

thanks miista, for the most amazing gift ever.


  1. aż zazdroszczę, cuda się tam tworzą.

  2. I have a shoe heaven very near me: my mother's wardrobe.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  3. dobrze, że wróciłaś :)
    z innej beczułki: masz ulubione www z tattoo?

    pozdr. AL / Alice! wake up!

    1. dobrze, że kogoś to jeszcze cieszy :)
      nie oglądam już od wielu lat takich stron - śledzę tylko profile konkretnych artystów, a pomysły zazwyczaj same wpadają do głowy

  4. Będąc weganką kupujesz buty ze skóry naturalnej?