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05 July 2016


T-shirt - Power Trip, jeans - Cheap Monday + DIY, jacket - vintage Levi's, sandals - Acne Studios, sunglasses - Linda Farrow x Prabal Gurung

I don't know about you, but I was definitely a kid with the most girly selection of favourite colours that was limited basically to two princess favourite: pink and violet (and all the variations in-between). Then, in my teenage years I went through a phase of being anti-almosteverything, including inexplicable hate for pink and refused to wear anything in this colour and similar ones.
Here I am now, not really knowing how I feel about pink - to be fair, I have only one pair of sunglasses and this t-shirt in this girly colour.
So here's a sweet throwback to my baby years.

14 June 2016


Shirt - J.W. Anderson, skirt - Adam Lippes, bag - Ann Demeulemeester, boots - Maison Margiela, necklace - Marni

Here we are with the classical if I had more money, I would... Probably get all these clothes as they're something beautiful together and separately - bunch of weirdos together, unique individuals separately.

06 June 2016


Shirt - vintage, jeans - vintage Levi's, babouche slippers - from Morocco, sunglasses - Linda Farrow x Prabal Gurung, necklace - Ania Kruk

As much as I try not to express humane emotions towards items, there are few exceptions - I'm sorry. I guess everyone knows the feeling of seeing item so perfect that there is nothing that can beat it. True perfection was created, hallelujah. This was my reaction couple of years back (good old 2012, I believe) when I saw these damn beautiful glasses by Prabal Gurung and Linda Farrow - I probably stared at them for good 5 minutes, thinking that no glasses are more ideal than those ones.
Here I am today, happy as a baby and if I wasn't thinking that wearing glasses indoors and after dark is for people, who are simply too cool for this world, I would probably gladly go to sleep wearing them.

Blue jeans and a shirt are just an ordinary background for these super duper extraordinary glasses, supported by my new funky slippers. Basically a PJs outfit again, with a little bit more weirdness. Ahhhh yeahhh - Sundays.

30 May 2016


Dress - Lemaire x Uniqlo, shirt - H&M trend, sneakers - Adidas EQT racing, bag - & Other Stories

I usually keep layering for colder months, as I'm such sucker for basic garments, that I could probably survive spring and summer just in a t-shirt and denim shorts. However, the weather doesn't really want me to start my basic routine and keeps me busy with layering such odd garments in my closet as a dress. So here I am - a hybrid of an item that I have in excess - a shirt; and an item that is so rare in my closet that you have to dig for a while to find any - a dress.