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30 May 2016


Dress - Lemaire x Uniqlo, shirt - H&M trend, sneakers - Adidas EQT racing, bag - & Other Stories

I usually keep layering for colder months, as I'm such sucker for basic garments, that I could probably survive spring and summer just in a t-shirt and denim shorts. However, the weather doesn't really want me to start my basic routine and keeps me busy with layering such odd garments in my closet as a dress. So here I am - a hybrid of an item that I have in excess - a shirt; and an item that is so rare in my closet that you have to dig for a while to find any - a dress.

16 May 2016

The ruby slippers

Hoodie - Leon Karssen, shorts - vintage Levi's, heels - Mango (when you can't afford MNZ), t-shirt - Cheap Monday, sunglasses - Linda Farrow

Opposites attract - especially when you don't really care on Sunday.

08 May 2016


Jumper - Uniqlo x Lemaire, shorts - Zara, cowboy boots - eBay, wishbone necklace - Ania Kruk

03 May 2016


Trench coat and turtleneck - Weekday, linen top - Zara, jeans - Cheap Monday, bag - & Other Stories, wishbone necklace - Ania Kruk

2016 seems like a year of grownup wardrobe related decisions so far. So many years passed and I somehow avoided owning a trench coat - I guess for a really long time I considered it the boring, old people's shit. Later I got into the phase of appreciation and acceptance, when I realised that trench coats don't have to be boring - eureka, like more or less anything. It depends how you style it, duh. I got to the phase of owning one, so here I am during a casual trip to Brighton, wearing everything oversized, including my brand new pal the trench coat, which doesn't seem so boring anymore. Quite a cool guy, if you ask me. Making me look like a bag.