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03 September 2016

Dress dilemma

Dress - Mango, long sleeve - Title Fight, sliders - Acne Studios, sunglasses - Linda Farrow x Prabal Gurung

You slightly know me by now and are probably aware of the fact that dresses aren't really my thing. I appreciate beautiful dresses, I'm eager to wear them, but when it comes to everyday choices, pants/shorts are unfortunately the ones. However, here I am - in one of the very rare moments, being super trendy and wearing a slip dress that still has to be supported by a long sleeve because I feel way too naked with nothing underneath and it introduces slight stress related to the fact that my boobs might be seen by some gross people, if I don't pay attention to wear a dress like lady. At the end of the day, I'm very far from being a lady. Just your average dude.

31 July 2016


Shirt - thrift store, top - Marques ' Almeida, jeans - Levi's, sunglasses - Linda Farrow

Bringing the 90's back in my white denim uniform, with the funkiest leopard print shirt in town. For some reason it reminds me of Romeo + Juliet  movie and I would gladly join Romeo's crew to stroll around in the coolest selection of shirts.

05 July 2016


T-shirt - Power Trip, jeans - Cheap Monday + DIY, jacket - vintage Levi's, sandals - Acne Studios, sunglasses - Linda Farrow x Prabal Gurung

I don't know about you, but I was definitely a kid with the most girly selection of favourite colours that was limited basically to two princess favourite: pink and violet (and all the variations in-between). Then, in my teenage years I went through a phase of being anti-almosteverything, including inexplicable hate for pink and refused to wear anything in this colour and similar ones.
Here I am now, not really knowing how I feel about pink - to be fair, I have only one pair of sunglasses and this t-shirt in this girly colour.
So here's a sweet throwback to my baby years.

14 June 2016


Shirt - J.W. Anderson, skirt - Adam Lippes, bag - Ann Demeulemeester, boots - Maison Margiela, necklace - Marni

Here we are with the classical if I had more money, I would... Probably get all these clothes as they're something beautiful together and separately - bunch of weirdos together, unique individuals separately.