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26 July 2015


Let's talk fanny packs... No, wait let's talk word fanny - I swear it will be quick. In terms of words murdering my ears, fanny is probably the worst f word of all time, making me have convulsions and try to rip off my ears. Let's put it against other words for our beautiful female private parts: pussy - cool; vagina - very serious, but some things have to be this way; and tons of other, very suggestive or overloaded with cuteness words. Fanny should banned from every person's vocabulary and simply vanish from Earth. Forever. One day, someone made an effort of naming small bag worn on the hips, after the worst word in the Universe - and that's how fanny pack was born (actually born in Greece centuries earlier), having popularity peek in the 90's, when everyone was rocking their fanny pack. Fortunately, someone has been brave enough to try alternative terms, making people familiar with bum bag, waist bag, apparently even Koala in Australia etc. Bum bags are back, but they got more fancy - manufactured in leather, shaped differently, with minimalistic details, trying to erase our memories of the synthetic ones, with crazy prints from the 90's era; and for everyone's mental health, they're being named bum bags, not the f* bags. Just imagine for instance: Céline fanny pack - could anyone take it seriously?

Top - COS, dungarees - H&M, sandals - Birkenstock, bum bag/hip bag/waist bag/f* bag - Clare Vivier for &Other Stories

17 July 2015


Denim season is official for all the fashionable (one of my least favorite words) people - opening any fashion-related magazines causes all the headlines to yell D E N I M at you. I don't know, if I should consider myself a very trendy person in these circumstances, since my wardrobe consists of tons of denim in a form of jeans, shorts, jumpsuits and shirts - half of it has been found in my mom's/dad's closet, donated to me or bought for nothing. Donation often entails some alterations - jeans with massive legs turn into shorts, too long legs get shortened, too wide ones - tapered. I've been experimenting with denim since I've discovered magic of my mom's closet and thrift stores and spent hours on changing the look of many pairs I still own. Here's the most recent one - jeans, that fit perfectly only when rolled up this way, with some fraying added, because it just looks cool. Grab a pair of scissors and just cut the hell out of that denim, instead of buying new ones, just because they have holes already made - it saves you money and lets your brain be creative for a bit.

Top - COS, jeans - Cheap Monday + DIY, sliders - &Other Stories + Lykke Li, blazer - Weekday

07 July 2015


I don't know how you react during heatwave, but I usually think about taking all clothes off (at least I used to) and running around naked - but some kind of morality makes me stay in clothes. During those extremely hot days in London (yes, London - believe it or not) I found myself in surprisingly weird situation wearing the least summery garment - a coat. Yes, ladies and gentleman - I wear a perfect, simple coat, that actually saves my life and cools down my body, because LINEN. As I probably mentioned before (but I will do it again) - I'm sorry, Mom, that I'd never trusted you with your fabric wisdom and used to say, that linen is for old people. Linen is the best - end of story. So here I am running around in a coat during heatwave. All hail linen.

Coat - H&M, dress - COS, bag - &Other Stories, sneakers - Adidas Superstar

15 June 2015


You will think: Ahhhhh, flares again... Trousers fit, that reminds some of use about crazy 70's, while with other ones it's about memories from the childhood period (hello, 90's), where crazy flare jeans were worn by almost every kid. You had ones with crazy flowers embroidery - you ruled in your kindergarten - I still remember a pair of horrible flare leggings (!), that were all covered in green and yellow flowers. Thanks mom for trashing them. Doesn't matter if there are any harsh feelings left - after spending many years forgotten, hanging unwanted in the vintage stores, left at the closet's bottom - they're back. Enjoyed by (almost) everyone, shown during many fashion shows, wanted by the crowds of women. But are they here to stay for longer like super wide pants?

I paired black denim ones, freshly from Polish designer, Ania Kuczyńska, with silk shirt, biker jacket and Adidas sneakers (cut it off with this flares and heels rule). And don't tell me, that black is over - it's too effortless.

Jacket - Mango, shirt, bag and rings - & Other Stories, pants - Ania Kuczyńska, sneakers - Adidas Superstar