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26 April 2015

3 IN 1

Let's openly admit it - many of has this guilty pleasure of buying 730273 in 1 products. If only someone could come up with make-up product, which fixed your make-up problems every morning... Heaven, huh? But we know, that all in one things usually don't work miracles.

Luckily, this Jayne Min x Jennifer Fisher Jewelry ring is probably the best one, that I've ever owned. And it works perfectly as 3 in 1 - if you need a massive septum ring, oversized earring or just regular, boring ring. Kidding - best ring ever and I would love to own 20 to put on every finger and toe.

19 April 2015


Sometimes (almost all the time, oops) it's not so easy to be girly and stay girly - that's when shirt dress comes to save your (naked) ass. Femininity and masculinity meeting in the middle, shaking hands with comfort. I could probably spend my life in shirt dresses. And biker jackets.

Jacket - Mango, shirt dress - Monki, sneakers - Vans Old Skool, sunglasses - Cheap Monday, chrysantemums - blogger's own

12 April 2015


I am B to the A to the C to the K. No promises this time.
In the meantime, I've been giving more attention to this space.

Jacket - Cubus, jumper - H&M, jeans - Cheap Monday, sliders - Lykke Li x & Other Stories

24 July 2014


I'm not going to justify my absence here, because there is no point, life is life etc. But I am back and that's what matters (not really).

Has it ever happened to you - putting on few pieces and later realizing that basically from head to toe, you look like heavily inspired by Japan and samurais? No? So I am probably the only one, because all these pieces accidentally ended up together, making me look like obsessed with Asia.

But this is what matters the most there - functionality, simplicity and quality (and you can never go wrong with Jil Sander platforms). Unless you want to go Kawaii crazy. But don't worry - it will never happen here.

Master of the stupid faces is still here

Pictures by Marta Szewczyk

Jacket - Cubus, top - H&M trend, culottes - Topshop, platforms - Jil Sander navy, bag, bracelet, ring - & Other Stories, sunglasses - Cheap Monday