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17 May 2015


Let's create this hypothetical situation: Someone lets you pick just one outfit, in which you will stay forever and ever and ever, like all the princesses with happy ending stories - what do you pick? Let's forget about more important problems, because we're here to focus on clothes and personal style, so first world problems first, this time. Mine is as simple as it can be - black turtleneck, white oversized t-shirt, pair of relaxed blue jeans, white sneakers and huge black coat to cover everything. Outfit in which I could live for the rest of my days, amen.

Turtleneck - Weekday, t-shirt and jeans - Cheap Monday, coat - thrifted, sneakers - Vans, bag and necklace - & Other Stories

12 May 2015


Let's play word association. I say: Sunday clothes, you say: PJs? To be honest, I usually force myself to change from PJs as soon as I wake up, just to switch my brain to work mode (not that it always works anyway). But who doesn't love garments styled like PJs, which are not really PJs, but make people around you think, that you haven't changed since 9am and it's already 5 in the evening. I tried out mine on Sunday evening, while launching first BBQ in our garden. Booyah. Perfect day, perfect circumstances.

PJs - H&M Studio, necklace - & Other Stories, Sunglasses - Cheap Monday

30 April 2015


Apparently I'm not up to date, because Tank Magazine (yesss, the great fashion focused magazine) has come up with this idea in 2008, but... Smokers, drop your cigarette packs and replace them with these carefully designed packages, holding mini versions of some of the best novels - with Heart of Darkness being my favorite one, put together in a beautiful tin. Smoking is sooooo over anyway and reading has always been trendy. Still not convinced to drop your habits? Maybe these pictures will convince you - just imagine: grabbing a new, wrapped package, removing silver foil and... finding a book instead of a cigarette. Perfect replacement. Available directly from Tank.

26 April 2015

3 IN 1

Let's openly admit it - many of has this guilty pleasure of buying 730273 in 1 products. If only someone could come up with make-up product, which fixed your make-up problems every morning... Heaven, huh? But we know, that all in one things usually don't work miracles.

Luckily, this Jayne Min x Jennifer Fisher Jewelry ring is probably the best one, that I've ever owned. And it works perfectly as 3 in 1 - if you need a massive septum ring, oversized earring or just regular, boring ring. Kidding - best ring ever and I would love to own 20 to put on every finger and toe.