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03 May 2016


Trench coat and turtleneck - Weekday, linen top - Zara, jeans - Cheap Monday, bag - & Other Stories, wishbone necklace - Ania Kruk

2016 seems like a year of grownup wardrobe related decisions so far. So many years passed and I somehow avoided owning a trench coat - I guess for a really long time I considered it the boring, old people's shit. Later I got into the phase of appreciation and acceptance, when I realised that trench coats don't have to be boring - eureka, like more or less anything. It depends how you style it, duh. I got to the phase of owning one, so here I am during a casual trip to Brighton, wearing everything oversized, including my brand new pal the trench coat, which doesn't seem so boring anymore. Quite a cool guy, if you ask me. Making me look like a bag.

24 April 2016


Jacket, shirt - vintage + DIY, dress - H&M, sneakers - Vans

Being suspended in-between seasons feels awful. Almost everything falls in to place and you jump for joy because you think sandals, short, bare legs. And then winter-y vibes in co-operation with reality come and slap you in the face, put their index finger in front of your face and they go NA-AH. Even though plants all around tease you nicely, blooming all around, having fun and being all pretty and colourful. Wear long trousers, couple of layers and wait 3729472 days and one day, maybe spring will come.

17 April 2016


Jumper - Weekday, jeans - Cheap Monday, jacket - H&M, shoes - Adidas Superstar, bag - Mango

My 'off duty' clothes couldn't be more comfortable. If you see me dragging groceries on the weekend, cleaning the house or taking care of the garden (real life, huh?), I will most probably be wearing jeans, t-shirt and a jumper, if it's slightly colder. Usually I can't help myself and take that around the house outfit for a stroll anyway, because it's a uniform and we can't be separated. Pictured above, its slightly cooler sister with jeans and the top/dress treated with scissors.

05 April 2016


Dress - Cheap Monday, jacket - vintage Levi's, cowboy boots and choker - eBay, bag - &Other Stories

I've always been a fan of cowboy boots, but finding a perfect pair was a real struggle - almost as real Kanye's struggle to decide, if he still wants to be a god or he is already bored. The struggle is REAL. Quite recently I managed to find pair up to my standards - without pointy tips 50 inches long, with no crazy embroidery, sequins and chains. Just simple, black pair with enormous advantage of being cheap as chips - thanks eBay - you're my favourite pal when it comes to shopping together.

I guess I've become a modern country lady, serving you the realness of the Wild West, leaving pants aside for a while. Dresses go into hiatus for winter in my closet, unless I wear them over pants. I simply don't accept tights and thought of putting them around my legs keeps me awake at night, but spring is here, so less occasionally dresses and skirts will be having guest appearances here, sharing their realness with you.

What goes best with this outfit? Some serious country music. Enjoy.